Here at Track Day Addicts we’re happy to say we have done our homework when it comes to Trackday insurance. We have also used our impressive sized community as a bargaining tool and teamed up with specialist insurers BeMoto to get exclusive discounts.

What is Track day Insurance?

Trackday Insurance means different things to different people:

  • Some are looking to cover their bike
  • Some want cover for medical costs abroad
  • Some want lump sum payments for injuries


Which insurance do I need?

Trackday Bike Damage Insurance provides accidental damage cover for your bike in the event of an off while riding on a recognised UK or European circuit. It covers the costs for repairing your bike or the market value in the event of a total loss (subject to an excess of around 10-15%).

Track day damage policies do NOT cover third-party liability for damage to someone elses bike, property, the circuit or injury to other people (or yourself) – it’s purely your bike that is covered to get you back on track.

Trackday Repatriation (“Repat”) Insurance provides cover for emergency medical treatment and repatriation in the event of an injury whilst riding on track. It’s like travel insurance but with wider cover to allow what most insurers consider to be “hazardous activities” like trackdays and amateur racing.

Repat policies do NOT cover third-party liability, e.g. for damage to someone elses bike, the circuit or injury to other people – it’s purely your emergency medical and repatriation costs that are covered to help get you fit and home again.

Personal Injury Cover is designed to give you a lump sum tax free payment for listed injuries as a result of track incidents, e.g. certain fractures or more serious injuries, as well as accidental death. It’s a one-off personal accident insurance policy for each single event (including discounts for multi-day Euro events), with no long term committments or complicated application processes.

Track day injury cover is a great idea for those one-off single events like track days and amateur racing, particularly if you are self-employed (if you’re not working, you’re not earning), but if you’re a regular track rider or racer, you’re potentially better off with a regular monthly plan through Properly Protected.

Always quote Track Day Addicts or TDA so they know we sent you (sometimes there’s a discount too).


Need Track Day Insurance?

 Which motorbike trackday insurance?

For the following products you can get a quote & buy online (enter Code “TDA”)

BeMoto Also Offer (phone only, mention “Track Day Addicts”)

Do I need motorbike track day insurance?

You do not have to have track day bike damage insurance in order to take part in track day events. However, you will be unable to make accidental damage claims without it, which could mean you are left without a trusty stead until you build cash again to replace her. Without track day damage insurance, track days can make you a millionaire…IF you were a billionaire before getting into them. 😉

Nobody wants to crash their bike and worrying about putting your bike on its side can be one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in deciding whether or not to do a trackday.

Remember your normal road bike insurance will NOT cover damage caused on track.

What about off track (when stored)?

If you have a track day or race bike that you want to keep covered against theft between days out, but which isn’t road-legal (so you can’t get it covered on a usual policy) then you’ll need cover for Fire, Theft & Malicious damage most likely, or a SORN policy as it is sometimes known.

On such policies, ‘in-transit’ cover is available in the event your bike is locked in the back of a van or secured on a trailer and is stolen or damaged in a road traffic accident that is your fault (if it’s not your fault then you’d claim off the other party).

We have the team at BeMoto to help you decide what track insurance products are available to you, and how much they might cost. BeMoto have a wealth of experience when it comes to trackday insurance cover, not least because they are owned and run by bikers.

Should I use a hire bike?

Hire bikes are a great idea if you are new to trackdays as they give you the ‘valet’ experience of being on track. The bike is well looked after, fuelled, with tyre warmers and comes fully insured. You still face an excess payment if you come off, plus there’s the cost of the bike hire itself. Whereas trackday damage cover means you can ride your own bike and see what it can do, whilst having the peace of mind that only insurance can provide.

When you get into the regular swing of trackdays, you can buy a dedicated track bike for the price of several hire bike sessions, so for most, getting your own ride becomes a no-brainer.